Finding your ideal perfume or a perfume for a friend is much more than choosing the right fragrance. Your perfume should represent your personality, your unique style and mood. With so many brands offering eau de parfum or eau de toilette and talking about top notes, base notes, floral tones and perfume extract, it can be hard to understand what it all means. To help you we've put together a useful guide to get you onto the right scent.

 Fragrance Concentrate

The amount of essential oils used in a perfume determines the longevity and performance of the fragrance. 



Fragrance Notes

Each fragrance consists of Top, Heart and Base notes, which can be sensed once it is sprayed. Notes in perfumery are descriptors of scents that can be sensed upon the application of a perfume. 

Top Notes

These are the scents that you can smell as soon as you apply them. They instantly give you an initial impression of the perfume, but it lasts for a very short time. The scents of this note class are usually described as sharp and assertive.

Heart or Middle Notes

These describe the smells that emerge after the top notes have disappeared. The heart note complements the sharpness from the top notes and they are usually more mellow and smoother. Typical heart notes are lavender and rose scents.

Base Notes

These are the smells that develop slowly and will linger until the end of the day. When you choose a perfume make sure you wait until the base notes have developed so that you are sure you like the whole scent and not the initial top notes.


Citrus (Fresh)

This family is very fresh, light and energizing thanks to citrus aromas such as lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit. It is ideal for daytime, for natural and spontaneous women, and for men seeking an elegant freshness.


These fragrances use some of nature's loveliest blooms including roses, gardenias and jasmine, to create the ultimate feminine fragrances. For men, fragrances combine notes such as lavender and orange blossom


Mouth-watering fragrances. The luscious notes of ripe, berried fruits are combined with hints of spice to develop scents that are warm and individual.


Rich and seductive. For women, oriental fragrances are a mix of exotic notes combined with florals to create a sexy scent. For men, oriental fragrances blend warm, spicy notes with clove, musk and cardamom to create sensual aromas.


When it comes to fragrance, it is about more than smelling good. It's about making a statement. Oud based scents are currently dominating the perfume and fragrance world. Originating from the Middle East, Oud is one of the most expensive woods in the world. The fragrance is warm, with a variety of smoky and sweet notes.


Rich and sensual fragrances that uses exotic spices including musk, sandalwood and pepper help to create the most potent scents.


Taking cues from the world of gourmand, sweet vanilla, rich chocolate, and hints of honey are some of the scents that create this playful, yet captivating category.


A natural fragrance family that is rich with woody, smoky aromas of sandalwood, musk, cedar and leather. Think forest floors and mossy banks. 

 Top Tips & Advice

  • When applying perfume, spray onto your 'pulse points'. These are the areas where your heart rate can be felt and includes your wrists, neckline, inside your elbows, behind the ear and back of your knees.
  • Don't rub your wrists together as this breaks the notes.
  • Keep your perfumes and aftershaves away from sunlight to prolong it's shelf life. Typically fragrances can last up to 6 years.
  • Don't try to test out too many fragrances or perfumes in one go, your nose will get confused.
  • When sampling perfumes and aftershaves in store, request for them to be sprayed onto blotting strips. This means you can sample as many perfumes as you like and the scents won't clash together. Once you have found a scent you like ask for a test spray on your skin.
  • Take your time trying out perfumes or aftershaves; let the base notes have time to develop and don't just buy a perfume for the scent of the initial top notes.