A pure gem for your skin. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena is widely known because of its strong and sensual scent. There are many legends built on the romantic origin of the rose oil. ARMINA rose water is made by direct steam distillation from the blooms of Rosa Damascena Mill. The delicate rose petals are handpicked before sunrise. This is how the most impressive scent in the world is preserved.

ARMINA's flower waters are the purest made in Bulgaria. Unlike most of the products on the market, ARMNA's waters are obtained by direct steam distillation, and not just as a byproduct of essential oils production. This allows a long shelf life without using any additional chemical preservatives and makes ARMINA's flower waters also suitable for drinking


* 100% Rose Water (Rosa Damascena)
* Food grade product without additives or preservatives

Beauty Care:
* Moisturising skin care
* Skin Toner
* Makeup Remover Humectant effect on dry, mature, sensitive and devitalized skin. Regulates the pH level.

Emotional well-being:
* Hormone/endocrine system balancer
* Reduces stress and insomnia
* Opens the heart and promotes emotional balance and acts as antidepressant

Culinary uses:
*Excellent in beverages, desserts or champagne

Bulgarian Rose (Rosa Damascena) Hydrosol

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