Wholesale of Perfumes and Aftershaves in the UK

Ivy Bloom – Beauty & Fragrance is the UK distributor of Parfen Perfumes. We are actively looking to work with small and medium size businesses. If you are a small retailer, beauty salon or simply an individual who would like to sell our products and earn a commission, we would LOVE to hear from you! Please get in touch with us. 

About Parfen Perfumes

has been a leading European perfumery producer since 1996. The company specialises in the production of analogues of selective and niche perfumes. Our wholesale perfumes are offered in cellophane sealed boxes, ideal for the retail and gift market. The perfumes are made of high quality French essential oils and have oil concentration of 18% for men and 22% for women, which classifies them as Eau de Parfums and Perfumes

List with the pefumes can be found here. Please note that this list is not extensive and we offer more than 300+ different fragrances. Please get in touch if  you would like more information.